Emergency Department Tech [SBCH]

- High School or Equivalent

JOB PURPOSE: Renders direct and indirect patient care under direction of appropriate licensed personnel. Facilitates care to meet patient's daily living activity needs by providing clerical, physical and emotional support while assisting licensed personnel in management of critically ill patients. Assists with workflow of unlicensed assistive personnel in the department.

MAJOR ACCOUNTABILITIES: Obtains, documents, and maintains appropriate data and records so that patient care is provided in a safe manner according to regulations. Assists with admissions/discharge.

Coordinates activities as part of the treatment process to provide for efficient care of the patient. May include transport of patients and appropriate communications with family and other caregivers.

Understands patient care plan and/or patient teaching program to provide for routine care. Observes assigned patients on an on-going basis, provides a safe environment and conducts rounds as required. May perform laboratory tests categorized as waived under CLIA, except those waived tests that require blood procurement. May not perform blood procurement without appropriate certification from the State of California. Typical duties include: taking vital signs, settling ambulance patients, applying cardiac monitor, oral suctioning, wound care/dressings, splint application, specimen collection, performing EKGs, triage support, assisting patients in/out cars, patient hygiene, sterile processing, ultrasound setups, laceration tray setups, complicated repair trays, visual acuity, assisting with bone/joint reduction, and urine dip/pregnancy tests.

Responds to and notifies appropriate caregiver of emergent situations. Assists medical/ nursing staff in advanced care situations. Typical duties include setup for Intubations/glide-a-scope, Thoracostomy, central line, Cricoidotomy, Thoracotomy, level 1 Rapid Infuser, Paracentesis, Thoracentesis, lumbar puncture tray, and Ventriculostomy; and assist MD/RT with airway management, performing CPR & BVM ventilation, spinal precautions, trauma patient management, Hemocue test, patient positioning, helipad training – assist flight team to load and unload, and hypothermia wrap application.

Responsible for insuring unit has appropriate inventory levels of supplies and that equipment is functioning and properly maintained.

Responsible for some or all of the following: Participates in the development of unlicensed assistive personnel within the department by coordinating orientation, assigning preceptors, and/or participating in interviews; facilitates communication and the sharing of information by serving as a liaison with others and problem-solving issues; ensures adequate staffing of unlicensed assistive personnel within the department through scheduling and managing vacation requests.

May provide clerical support, including answering the telephone, sending/receiving faxes, maintaining records, filing, and completing orders depending on departmental needs.

REQUIRES: High School Diploma or GED & CPR/BLS. Emergency Medical Technician certification or Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic Certification.

PREFERRED: Ability to use computer charting (electronic medical record) and computer order entry. Patient Care Tech or equivalent experience in an acute care, ED or pre-hospital setting